Modular machine guards, machine guarding panels and safety systems

We can help you achieve a safe workplace without the high costs associated with a "Full service" safety systems supplier.

Our philosophy is to supply the mechanical elements of your safety system as economically as possible, as fast as possible. We can offer advice on technical and issues, guard design, manufacture and installation.

Automation Supplies offer a wide range of high quality products for machine guards based on versatile modular aluminium profile. From a bespoke custom designed machine guarding delivered complete, through to modular flat pack machine guard systems for on site assembly by the end customer, all our machine guarding panels are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest health and safety requirements.

The flat pack machine guards approach.
The panels shown above are flat pack machine guard panels ready to be packed for shipping. The flat pack approach reduces shipping costs to the customer. Assembly on site is simple and can be carried out by the customer with their own labour, or we can arrange installation on site.
For our standard size guarding panels we have set prices.
These panels come assembled and the price includes a double foot, and a connector bracket kit to link to the next panel.
The infill is either aluminium, painted steel or bright galvanised 40mm square woven mesh. Installation is a 1-man job. Polycarbonate, acrylic, expanded plastic board, stainless steel and painted steel are also available as an infill materials.

Make Your Own Machine Guards
You can of course purchase all the parts needed from the Valuframe range of aluminium profile systems and design your own guards or frameworks. We can advise on the parts needed and also the infill materials.

Custom Machine Guards
Our custom build machine guard systems are also based on the use of aluminium profiles. The advantages of using aluminium profiles have become clear over the years and can be summed up as
  • Aluminium profiles are attractive and will not rust. They require no painting or welding.
  • The profiles are easily replaced if damaged by machinery or lift trucks etc.
  • It's easy to add on or completely redesign the guard at a later time. No welding means the parts can be recycled.
  • Replacing the infill materials is easy, just undo some screws or connectors and replace - simple.
We can produce a design if necessary to help you see how the finished product will appear and function.

If you need machine guards and you want to save money, or if you just need advice, get in touch with us.
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Modular machine guards, machine guarding panels and safety systems