Flat pack approach to machine guarding .

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Skelmersdale : 24-3-2007
Flat pack approach to machine guarding .
When considering the various aspects of guarding machinery, one of the most important aspects is often the physical construction of the machine guarding itself. Traditionally made from welded steel and painted, in these times of constant change, more engineers are turning to the versatility and future proof design from using aluminium profiles for machine guarding.
The advantages of Valuframe aluminium profile machine guards over steel construction are the ability for the supplier to design functional and economical guards in a short period of time and the potential for the end user to quickly install and if necessary amend the guard structure easily in future if changes are needed. Because a Valuframe aluminium profile machine guard has no welds and no painting, the guard structure can be amended in a short time, seamlessly.
Where a perimeter machine guard enclosure is required, such as large machines or robot enclosures, Automation Supplies offers a range of standard panel sizes for fast delivery and simple construction. These panels are available with black painted steel, galvanised steel or aluminium wire mesh panel infills. Also available are panels with painted steel, acrylic, polycarbonate, aluminium sheet and expanded coloured plastic sheet. There are many colours available to co-ordinate with corporate colour schemes. The panels fit together in moments and removal or repositioning is simple.
A full range of modular doors and supports compliment the panels. For clean areas, flat finish profiles can be used to minimise open slots which helps to prevent dirt ingress.
These are flat pack panels ready to be packed for shipping. This reduces shipping costs to the customer.
Automation Supplies also offer a free design service to help evaluate the machine guard design prior to order.

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